Airbrush & Makeup

We specialize in airbrush makeup, as this is a perfect tool for brides. It is heat and water resistant so no touch up is required all day. Best of all, it makes your skin glow and looks like you have nothing on your skin, which makes you look even more flawless and elegant on your special day.

What is Airbrush? Airbrush is high definition makeup used in TV, film and magazines. It is a product which is sprayed on, breaking particles into tiny beads making it invisible to the naked eye and sits on top of your skin. It is applied on smoothly and quickly without any use of brushes and sponges; hence it is very hygienic for your skin.
Keep Calm & Love Makeup. - Poonam Garg  
It is a silicone-based product, which means, it will not clog the pores and allows your skin to breathe. This will give you a natural finish making you look glowing and flawless. Coverage can be built up if required and any scars or tattoos can be fully covered. Also, airbrush foundation is heat and water resistant so no touching up is required throughout the day and no meltdown, perfect and suitable for all face types. **** Please ask us for more information on airbrush.****
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