Henna & Glitter

Our henna services provide creativity of various patterns of elegance for every occasion; understanding and satisfying every requirement. We can incorporate many henna designs for you from simple, traditional, contemporary as well as modern patterns using creativity and as much detail as possible.

Types of Henna We provide all types of henna services for all occasions such as fashion shows, bridal, hen parties, mehndi nights. We also provide henna for other purposes such as ‘just for fun’ during photo shoots, events, music and film shoots.
My God, Im outliving my Henna - Puja Goyal    
Glitter within Henna
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Glitter and Gems for your special day 🙂

  The team can glamour up your look by adding glitter and gems to your henna patterns, just ask our SierrabyLondon artists and we will make it happen. The Glitter can be added around some parts of the henna and other areas of the body. This is for a fashion purpose that makes it look extra attractive. Glitter is normally applied after the henna itself is dried. Glitter and gems could also match outfits for the occasion and brightens the darkness of the henna If you don’t require it on your wedding day, we can add it to fashion shoots to match outfits for the occasion and make it fashionable. Just let us know your requirements and we will promise you that you will be satisfied with the darkest henna colour possible leaving it to last longer for all your special days/occasions.  
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