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Airbrush & Makeup

What is Airbrush? Airbrush is high definition makeup used in TV, film and magazines. It is a product which is sprayed on, breaking particles into tiny beads making it invisible to the naked eye and sits on top of your skin. It is applied on smoothly and quickly without any use of brushes and sponges; hence it is very hygienic for your ... More

Henna & Glitter

Types of Henna We provide all types of henna services for all occasions such as fashion shows, bridal, hen parties, mehndi nights. We also provide henna for other purposes such as ‘just for fun’ during photo shoots, events, music and film shoots. Glitter within Henna   The team can glamour up your look by ... More


Sierrabylondon stylists have been trained by Dar and Lubna Rafiq Academy who are both well known hair stylists in the industry and has worked on Simon Cowell, Pierce Brosnan, Goldie Hawn, James Caan, Aishwarya rai, Salman Khan to name a few. With the skills we have learnt, we can create several types of hairstyles which can be done and ... More